Spangles are flat, “holeless” sequins. They are holographic so have fantastic light refraction. They are Lead Free and therefore safe for all ages and adhere to child product safety regulations.

Because spangles are flat and very lightweight, they are perfect for large designs. They are also more economical than regular rhinestones.

Spangles are perfect for active people – like cheerleaders and gymnasts – because they can’t get “caught” on equipment. When you run your hand over the spangles, they feel like part of the shirt.

Spangle transfers have best results when set using a professional heat press. You can, however, set spangles with a home iron when you follow our included instructions. Setting spangles successfully with a home iron involves patience and even pressure. Please note, we do not offer our 30 day guarantee for transfers you set yourself.

All of our spangle transfers include at least one extra spangle of each color in the design, just in case.

We also offer to professionally heat set your transfer purchase onto a garment or accessory you select. You can shop apparel and accessory options here. When we heat set for you, your spangles are guaranteed for 30 days if care and use instructions are followed. We suggest to wash in cool water on gentle cycle and hang dry or tumble dry low.