Spangles are flat, “holeless” sequins.  They are holographic so have fantastic light refraction.  

They are Lead Free and therefore safe for all ages and adhere to child product safety regulations.  

Because spangles are flat and very lightweight, they are perfect for large designs.  They are also more economical than regular rhinestones.  

Spangles are perfect for active people – like cheerleaders and gymnasts – because they can’t get “caught” on equipment. When you run your hand over the spangles, they feel like part of the shirt.

Check out our gallery for images of spangle designs.  With 16 colors to choose from, we can make you Sparkle!!

ALL of our rhinestone designs are available in Spangles.  However, there are some designs that are only available in spangles.  Shop our designs HERE.

Spangle Colors