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Fundraising with Bling Out Loud is simple.

Select products to bling or print with stock designs or we will create custom designs for you.  

You set the price for members of your School, Group, or Cause to purchase online and the length of time for the campaign. 

Once production minimums have been met and the campaign end date has passed, all orders are processed, produced and either shipped directly to the customer or delivered to your location.  

  Monies from your fundraiser are issued to you at the close of the campaign.


We do the hard part for you.

Once you have selected your design and product(s), we create a web page for you.  Promote the link to all in your organization.   Utilize social media, group emails and e-blasts to get your link out there.  Bling Out Loud also promotes the link on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

Monitor your fundraiser progress with live, up-to-date information directly on the product pages.  Weekly updates are emailed to you.


Rethink Fundraising.

The hardest part of fundraising is coordinating volunteers.  With Bling Out Loud, there are no salesmen to coordinate.  Kids stay safe and stay home.   Simply utilize the web to build traffic for your fundraiser.  We process your orders and sort them for you.  

Upon delivery day (if to a school or organization), you only need to deliver to the individuals.   Or, choose our direct shipping fundraiser and you do nothing!  See our How To and FAQ for complete details.  

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today to start raising funds for your organization!