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Put some jingle in your pocket by adding sparkle to someone's day!  Bling Team members earn money on every item they sell - from rhinestone shirts and accessories, to screen printing, to glitter, and spangles.  You set your schedule to work as little (or as much) as you want depending on your goals and availability.


Everyone loves custom tees!   As a Bling Team member, you can earn money by networking with your fellow soccer team moms, bunco group, or local businesses, like your dentist's office or hairdresser, and selling them the custom t-shirts they've been wanting!

Whether you're a bleacher mom or teacher,  a family heading to reunion or vacation, Bling Out Loud creates custom t-shirts and accessories for any occasion.

Bling Team Perks

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Earn commission of 10-20%!   There is no inventory to carry, so your commissions go straight to your pocket.  Receive product discounts of 20%-50% on purchases for you.


Bling Out Loud will support you every step of the way with phone, email, and in person support at the store.  As a Bling Team Member you will have your own website to showcase designs for your groups.  You will have access to catalogs, swatches, design books, and more, so you can look sharp and knowledgeable to your group.  Mockups for custom orders are provided on a set schedule, so you know that you can meet your groups' expectations.


You determine your own schedule.  Do "Mom Taxi" duties prevent you from working a 9-5 job?  The Bling Team is a perfect alternative.  Reach out to contacts when it's convenient for you.  No "building down-lines" or cold calls required.  Work as little, or as much, as you like.  YOU determine the amount of jingle in your pocket!

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Still Have Questions?

How Do I Earn Money as a Bling Team Member?

You earn 10-20% commission on your sales, depending on the quantity of shirts or accessories in the sale.   For instance, if you sell a non-custom, $30 rhinestone shirt through a link on your website, you earn 10% ($3).  If you sell a custom $35 rhinestone shirt, you earn 15% ($5.25).  If you sell ten custom $35 rhinestone shirts to a group, you earn 20% ($70).

How Much Does It Cost to Join the Bling Out Loud Bling Team?

There is a $50 fee to join the Bling Team.  Your Bling Team Member kit includes 1 non-custom rhinestone tee of your choice, a custom website landing page to direct your contacts,  access to catalogs, swatch books, and design look books, and a Bling Team car decal.

Can I be a Bling Team Member if I Have a Full Time Job?

Yes!  YOU set your hours, so you decide how and when you want to reach out to contacts and sell custom apparel.  It can be at the water cooler or at the gym.

What If I Don't Know Anything About Rhinestones or Custom Apparel?

If you have a desire to learn so you can earn, we will train you!

Contact us today at Sparkle@BlingOutLoud.com or Sign Up HERE!