Hello Summer!  School is out!  The parade of loud, smelly boys through the house, yelling at Mario, scavenging through the pantry, cries of “Mom! We’re out of Dr. Pepper!,” are a welcome change to 6 am alarms and packing lunches.    Mornings will be peaceful (as the kids sleep until noon) and the afternoons loud and full of laughter, fighting, and simple “adventures” that make me appreciate being a mom.

Fourth of July fireworks are a big deal in Texas.  We’ve been to big displays at water parks and the malls, but our family’s favorite is the “Church parking lot.”  It’s the unofficial launching ground for the neighborhood.  Everyone brings their fireworks and we “ooh” and “aah.”  (We do our best to clean up after.)  In my opinion, it’s the best show!

Summer provides lots of opportunities to show off original apparel.  There are Disney vacations, family reunions, or, as is my preference, heading to the beach.  Showcase your style! This month, Bling Out Loud has the Summer Twelve Pack.”  This pack has four rhinestone designs, four graphics for sublimation or DTG, and four vector cutting files.  The summer theme includes my favorites – patriotism, beaches, and margaritas!

And speaking of margaritas, here is my favorite Keto (low carb) margarita recipe.   8 oz sparkling water,   2 oz tequila,  2 oz lime juice, ½-1 pack of favorite sweetener,  Ice, Lime wedge, and  Salt (for rim, if you’re into that).   Mix the water, tequila, lime juice, and sweetener.  Pour over ice.  Add a lime wedge. Enjoy!
Here’s to a fabulous summer!!!