Custom Designs – Rhinestones, Spangles, or Graphic for Printing

Ready to get started on a custom design?
Place your order for the Custom Design Fee and email a jpg or detailed description of your design idea to

This $25 design fee is a one time fee and includes converting your design to rhinestones and up to two revisions (if needed) or converting your graphic to a vector format suitable for printing.

For rhinestones, the cost for the finished product is based on stone count and number of colors. Most custom garments end up in the $28-$40 range.   100% of the design fee is applied if you order six or more of the design on apparel ordered through Bling Out Loud or 12 or more of transfers.

If you are looking for a custom rhinestone design strictly for SVG download to create your own template, please contact us for pricing.

For printing, graphic design fee is only charged when vector art is not provided.   100% of the design fee is applied if you order 36 or more of the design.

Custom Bling Designs – Rhinestones or Spangles

Bling Out Loud offers custom design services.  Contact us and we’ll get you a quote on your custom logo.  You can purchase the design fee HERE.

For information on Screen Printing

For information on Embroidery